F.O.C.U.S. Rapid Pay Raise Estimator

The F.O.C.U.S. Rapid Pay Raise Estimator will give you a good idea of how much being a part of The 90 Day Total Life Makeover and owning a JMG Net-Worth Home-Based Business (HBB) may save you on your taxes each year or how much you may be able to increase your monthly W-2 take-home pay IMMEDIATELY.

Below are just 7 of over 180 possible HBB tax deductions that could Save You Money and Increase Your Paycheck EVERY month!

Remember, you must have a home-based business to capitalize on these tax savings.

Common TAX DEDUCTIBLE Expenses
Type MONTHLY answers into the fields provided: Monthly Expenses: Annual Deductions:
1. Number of miles you drive - include all vehicles (Estimated deduction is based on 70% of the total miles entered being converted to eligible business miles, at a rate of $.57.5 per mile): $ 0.00
2. Cell phone expenses: $ 0.00
3. Internet Expense: $ 0.00
4. Cost of business meals: $ 0.00
5. Travel Expenses/Business Trips (airfare, hotel, parking, car rental, etc.): $ 0.00
6. Health Insurance Premium: $ 0.00
7. Number of your Children (ages 7-17) that you employ or intend to employ (This deduction is based on your HBB paying each child $5,000/year of the $12,000 in tax-free income they are eligible to earn annually) $ 0.00
Your Total Annual Deductions: $ 0.00
8. Average Tax Bracket (The default Tax Bracket of 18% is selected based on a conservative national average of 12% Federal and 6% State Tax) If you know your current combined State and Federal tax bracket? Please feel free to select the Tax Bracket that applies to you.
Monthly Annual
Your Estimated Rapid Pay Raise/Tax Savings: $ 0.00 $ 0.00
DISCLAIMER: The above business deductions are for demonstration purposes. Tax laws change and certain deductions are frequently added, removed, reduced or increased. Our My Financial-Worth advisors along with our Daily Budget Tracker will assist you with claiming and tracking your deductions correctly. Our team experts will also assist you in adjusting your W-4 appropriately to start receiving these savings on your very next paycheck. NOTE: These tax savings are based on US taxes. Copyright © 2019 . All Rights Reserved.